It is true, about 2 years ago I became obsessed with the issue of work from home, so after discovering all those options that seemed to secretly hide us in the university, I could afford to give up my work in a multinational, I dedicate myself to living traveling while generating my old salary of a year in a single month and I am heading towards financial freedom.

On the other hand do not think that everything is Netflix trips and marathons; Working from home gives you a lot of flexibility, but at the same time requires that you be an organized, responsible and willing person to excel.

So if this to make money online is something that catches your attention, but you’re not sure how you could do it in a short time and what kind of benefits or challenges it entails, this post is perfect for you.

My favorite work from home

Be-Blogger: An alternative career for many, especially for those who feel that the limited offer of universities (lawyer, engineer, doctor …) does not fill them.

We bloggers enjoy sharing our lives, knowledge, and opinions with you (our reader). We have fashion, science, travel, finance and basically any subject that exists.

The popularity that this type of work has gained is not only because of the great advertising potential that we can offer to many brands (we can reach a huge number of potential clients and that is why many believe we live on sponsorships), but because of the option to work from home or wherever you are, generating money remotely and turning your blog into a profitable business capable of generating millions.
Example of my monthly earnings (equivalent to the sum of the earnings of several of my blogs, in a single month)

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In my case, my blogs generate income that I could never have aspired to, not even becoming the vice president of a multinational in my country (Panama) and that also allows me today to save more than half of my income while living the life of my dreams, thanks to its dramatic increase. But outside of selling advertising or sharing your knowledge with a blog, there are several other job options you can do from home …

Other ideas to earn money from home with online jobs: the most popular home jobs

Virtual Assistant

If you are organized and can handle tasks such as answering emails and keeping an agenda, this is an ideal option for you. It’s about offering your assistant services without physically being in an office. You would be a virtual assistant.

Generally the companies with online presence are the most open to contracting virtual collaboration and the advantage is that every day they are more (the vast majority of brands are opting to create web pages and serve businesses online).

The only thing you need to start is to have a computer and access to a good internet connection. Then, apply to one of the hundreds of job offers on pages such as freelancer.com or offer your services on pages like fiverr.com (find the complete list of sites at the end of the article).

Something I’ve noticed is that many of the professional virtual assistants create their own websites with the details of the services they offer and a bit of their professional career (it’s like a virtual resume that makes them look more professional) and they add it to your application and profiles.

Content Editor

All businesses need written content. If this is your fort, you could get to earn a lot of money working from home. Simply offer your services to different web pages or apply to one of the hundreds of offers for this specific topic.

As in the previous case (virtual assistant), something that can help you win some of the job offers, is to create a web page or your own blog where you can have a sample of your work (with something of your career, experience and links to those webs for which you have written previously or simply examples of texts that you have written) to teach to potential clients.

Remember that we have passed the time in which CVs or work samples were sent by email and what you want is to be professional and ready to work in this digital age (that’s what it’s all about being able to work from home).

Earn money online by recommending products

This is one of my favorite ways to earn money and one of the most profitable and easy to implement because you do not need to have a product or service to do it. Basically, it’s about creating a professional website or blog, earning something readers and authority. Then, you should find a product according to the theme of your website, that you really like and join your affiliate program (joining these programs is completely free in the vast majority of cases), then promote it with your readers and receive a commission or payment for each sale.

Note: generally the only requirement to be accepted in affiliate programs, is to have a website related to the theme of the product or service you want to promote. If you are going to promote a travel product, you can not pretend to do it with a cooking blog.

Example: a travel blog can join skyscanner.com and one of beauty (or any other subject), you can apply to the affiliate program of a makeup brand and start promoting your favorite products. And so, for each theme.

How to make money from home in 2019 – Online jobs offering your services
Stylist: If you love fashion and you are given beauty issues, you can become an online stylist, offering personalized advice through a fashion blog or youtube channel.

Graphic designer:

If you are good with the design, you could work remotely for a specific company or offer your services by showing your catalog online on a web page. Other works in line with this profession is to sell pre-designed logos and even make tutorials.

Online teacher:

If you are a teacher or teacher and want a more flexible schedule, you can choose to teach remotely via Skype or pre-recorded sessions. To do so, create a website where you offer your services and place a button to receive payments.

Event Coordinator:

Weddings, birthdays, baby showers, bachelorette parties, corporate events, etc. There is always a reason to celebrate and if you like events and you are a good organizer, this is a service with a lot of demand.


If you have a house, room, car or general interest items that you do not use, you can offer them for rent.
Photographer / Videographer:

You can offer your professional services for events or even sell your photos to different pages or interested people.
Travel Agent:

If you are a travel lover and know about the subject. You can search for offers of flights, lodgings and excursions on the internet and offers to plan the itineraries of interested people.

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