Affiliate marketing: an excellent way to earn money online

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In the previous article we published the inspiring story of a great user of Postcron who collects between 30 and 40 thousand dollars a month, taking traffic from his fanpages to his website where he monetizes through advertising received in it.

In this opportunity we will delve into one of the online marketing strategies that currently generates excellent profits for those who carry out a brand or product as well as the “admins” who want to monetize their websites, blogs and / or Facebook pages. Do not miss the details about Affiliate Marketing so you can take advantage of your site and make it profitable!


It is at the same time a marketing strategy and a monetization tool depending on which side of the counter one is.
Whatever the case, it is based on the “pay for results” model and works as a channel through which small or large-scale brands, which seek to promote their products and services, pay in an agreed manner to those who help to promote them. on their websites, blogs, fanpages, etc.

It can be said then, that this model involves three parts:
1- An advertiser (owner of a brand-product-service)
2- An affiliate (administrator of a web, fan page or blog that is affiliated with a brand or product to promote it and earn a commission for it.)
3- A platform through which the offer of “advertising space” meets the demand.-

Affiliate marketing

We leave you a list of the best ranked platforms according to: Affiliate Marketing Services Review

Commission Junction
One Network Direct
Amazon Associates Affiliates


When you join an affiliate program and choose what you want to sponsor, the merchant will provide you with a “unique affiliate code” that you should use to refer your followers to the product. In turn, this code will be used to track the conversions made through your affiliate ID.

You can also use it to control your commissions and performance. In other words, to make it simple, they give you a link that you will use to refer clients to your site; Every time someone uses that link to enter your site, it will be recorded that that customer belongs to you. It’s that simple!

It is important to note that if you want to get good results by executing these actions, you must know your audience well and have defined the niche of your site, so that when promoting, you have the certainty that what you propose to your followers, they You will be VERY interesting and that the conversion possibilities will be high.

These two aspects also turn out to be decisive factors for the advertisers when choosing or accepting an affiliate, since they will not want to invest in a site that has nothing to do with their brand, with their target audience or that does not offer quality content .-

Finally, another fundamental point that you must take into account before joining, is to make sure that what you recommend is something really good, since it would not be very convenient for your followers to be dissatisfied customers.

That is to say, the dissatisfaction of a client would not be directly a problem that affects your page or community, but you will stop being reliable for your fans.

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There are different affiliate programs and each one has a defined remuneration. The most popular are the following:

Payment by conversion: with this program the merchant will pay the commission of the sale of the product, when the purchase process is completed by the client that you have referred.

Pay per click: in this case you will receive a payment based on the number of visitors that have been redirected to the website or link of the sponsor and have made a click from the link you have placed on your blog, website or fanpage, just for giving An example.

Payment by Form: you get your commission if the people who have been referred by you, complete a form with your data in the destination site.


We can say that Affiliate Marketing is perfect for an advertiser because it allows you to increase the traffic of your site, expand your customer base and generate sales.

Likewise, if the affiliate expands the scope of this action to its different social networks, it will generate a great opportunity to obtain through this content, participation, shares, traffic and visibility of its fanpage and will add in this way, other sources through from which it redirects quality traffic to the site it promotes. If the action is well done, nobody loses in this game.

This is a case:

Many of the bloggers who use this method are dedicated to generating content in which they carry out reviews of products that they themselves use and based on that they generate the recommendation.

Another very clear example of this would be the one presented by


Melvin Cedeño is a great client of BlueSteel) and works 5 hours a day. For him, there is no magic formula for success, everything is a constant of trial and error until you discover what works. He leaves us his “step by step” how to take advantage of this model of monetization on Facebook.

Discover a product through one of the affiliate platforms (like ClickBank) that fits your audience.

affiliate marketing online

Upload a post of the product in the fanpage with the link of it.
Measure how many likes it takes in the first few minutes: for him, a product or link works perfect when you get 50 likes in the first 5 minutes.
Wait for the results of the conversions.

If the performance is good, continue with that product. If not, look for another product.

The rules and steps to increase participation and traffic in social networks will be always the same for now. In our first post we indicate each of them and suggest applying them when developing the content for your affiliate marketing actions. It is important to keep our Facebook page well active so that when we publish a product, we have a large number of impressions and a greater probability of selling.

For Melvin, what works best to generate a lot of traffic are the “give aways” or contests, in which they reward their followers. Upload between 8 to 24 post daily, and here he shares his experience with Postcron

I use Postcron to keep my people active, it is the engine that keeps my fanpages running. Postcron allows me to automate my Facebook posts: I spend a few hours uploading as much post as I can for the month and then I try to forget about it. If a problem arises I have always had good answers to solve them. The new tool that allows multiple images to be uploaded, cuts my times in half. I like to start with the images, assemble my photo bank, upload them and then complete the post with the text

To know examples of pages that perform affiliation actions, enter:

The Awesomer – This is why I’m Broke – The Green Head

We also spoke with another of our clients, Santiago Vargas, CEO of Ki Design, who has a lot of experience monetizing pages and online sites with advertising and affiliate programs. Santiago monetizes his Facebook pages with programs such as Adsense, Adjal and Adbot and has also used Clickbank. These are his recommendations to monetize a page:

First, you must keep active the page with fresh content that generates likes, comments and shares. In this way, when the time comes to share an offer, because the page is super active, the content will be displayed.

To simplify the administration of the pages, I use tools to automate my posts on Facebook as Postcron, that saves me a lot of time. When I find a product that fits my audience, I publish it every 1 hour.

However (and this is important) I constantly monitor the negative feedback to see if I am not bothering my audience: Facebook allows us to see through your Insights page how many people have hidden a post, all posts or have marked them as Spam . That is the key, to monitor the negative feedback; If the product fits with the audience, normally we will not have problems, but otherwise, we could annoy some fans!


It’s free: you do not have to pay any monthly or annual fee to join a program.

Affiliate Marketing probably represents one of the fastest and most economical ways to start making money (maybe not the simplest one) online, since you should not design or devise a product yourself. You simply have to get a client to your sponsor and you can take the commission for the purchase that has been made thanks to your reference.

online with affiliate marketing

You will not need to worry about the cost of production, or having a physical place to sell or hire employees to help you with the business.

As we said in our first post, people seek product recommendations before making the decision to buy them, so you already know in advance that your content will always be useful for someone.

You can forget about everything related to packaging, shipping or places to store and deposit products. All that is at the sponsor’s expense.
You must not deal with customer complaints or requests for assistance.

Depending on the type of program you choose, you can still get money without spending all day on your computer.

You can try different products or brands and based on the results you get in your community, adjust your next affiliations to obtain excellent income and statistics on social networks.


Affiliate Marketing is at the same time a marketing strategy and a monetization tool that works on the basis of the “pay for results” model. Affiliate Marketing probably represents one of the fastest and most economical ways to earn online money. You simply have to get a client to your sponsor and you can take the commission for the purchase that has been made thanks to your reference.

If you want to get good results you must: know your audience well, have defined the niche of your site and make sure that what you recommend, is something really good. Monitor negative feedback on Facebook (hidden posts, posts reported as spam) to make sure you’re not bothering your audience.
If as an affiliate you expand the scope of these actions in your social networks, you will also get more traffic, participation, shares and commissions. Do not stop reading our first post with related information.

There are different affiliate programs and each one has a defined remuneration: Payment by conversion – Payment by click – Payment by Form. Try now one of these programs: ClickBank, ShareASale, Commission Junction.

If you manage a page, it is very important to keep the page active to maximize the number of impressions you will receive when you decide to promote an article. It’s not just about selling; You have to entertain, educate or inform your audience as well. Use a tool such as Postcron or Hootsuite to program your posts on the social networks you manage to maximize your presence and activate your community.